Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pet Peeve

Washington's former governor, Gary Locke, is Obama's newest pick for Commerce Secretary. As a Washington resident, I think Locke is likely to be confirmed for this new post. However, the idea that the media is buzzing about a Washingtonian going to Washington brings up a pet peeve of mine.

Washington D.C. has been shortened to "Washington" in the media and in the world. As a WA state resident, I've found myself having to introduce myself as being from Washington--state. We are members of a global society and not everyone understands the distinction that Washington state is in the far northwest corner of the contiguous 48 states while D.C. is on the east side of things. I don't think that state residents should have to qualify the statement of their origins and follow that up with a diatribe about the difference. Frankly, there are more of us than there are D.C. residents. D.C. should be "D.C.," not "Washington." Maybe they could invent a whole new name for the nation's law-making center to help ease the confusion. Bernie comes to mind.

"Today the president leaves Bernie for an overseas tour of..."

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  1. The last part of the post brought a huge smile to my face! Bernie is a wonderful idea! Lol
    Hugs, Ashlyn