Saturday, June 6, 2009

Race Silliness

When I see a demographics survey that asks me what race I consider myself a member of, I always check "OTHER" and write-in: HUMAN. Those responsible for sorting through this data must assume me to be a person who feels disenfranchised and enter my information incorrectly. I only know this because I have received catalogs for products and offers for magazines for members of a particular ethnic group to which I do not belong.

For heaven's sake, there is only one race of person: HUMAN. Unless you are talking about the possibility of humanoid aliens hiding among us, there aren't any different races intermingling in society, despite the color of a person's skin. The concept being referenced here is called "ethnicity" and though it may sound like I'm arguing about semantics, it is a biological truth that you can't reproduce with members outside your race. Therefore, humans are all the same race.

This terminology carries a certain connotation. It's a completely outdated concept based on an erroneous belief that people can be divided into different strata according to their biological origins. It's irrational and ridiculous to talk about bettering "race relations" when the term itself is a reflection of this inaccurate division. Let's get it straight, people!

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  1. I feel the same way, although, I usually check mark white. But I'm Irish, German, Native American, and who knows what else. Lol It's purely based on skin color and it is ridiculous, I agree! I have seen some huge strides toward a more positive way of thinking in my 26 years and that pleases me. But....I know we, as a whole, still have a long way to go.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
    Hugs, Ashlyn