Friday, September 5, 2008

Still Moving

We're finally moved! While the house is in a nice house in a good neighborhood, we're not sure it's precisely where we want to be. It's in town but only just so and it feels very ostentatious to be up on a hill looking down over things. I like being a little deeper in town. We're somewhat in walking distance to downtown but the distance home makes it less likely that we'll make that walk.

The residents bought a house nearby and have been slowly moving their things out of our house even though we are the contract holders. It's very irritating to be unable to put your stuff where it goes. We actually spent 4 days with half of our stuff on the lawn while the previous residents' things were securely locked in our house!

It's day 5 and we still don't have the full garage AND their ridiculously huge dining room table is in my dining room (it's too heavy to move or we'd put IT out on the lawn) while mine is in pieces leaning against the hallway wall. Their excuse for not getting their stuff the heck out: they are stressed out about their new house. They didn't give themselves enough time to complete renovations before moving in. I think money is also an issue. However, none of this is our problem. We still had possession of our old house for a full month at the time we moved. If it weren't for the fact that my husband's rheumatoid arthritis makes it less than ideal for him to do lifting beyond the absolutely necessary, we'd have hauled it all out to their lawn by now. Grr.

Normally I'm a very forgiving and understanding person but, honestly, giving me the excuse that a panic attack is preventing you from moving your stuff out of my house is ridiculous. I should be having a panic attack. My stuff is on the LAWN! One of my daughter's art works was forgotten on the lawn underneath stuff and it's now ruined thanks to this nonsense.


I just want to get my life back on track. The kids are in new schools. Sid is annoyed by this fact while Lolly is perfectly happy. Lolly is only upset that she's doing P.E. testing. I think she is worried that she's too much of a wisp because she doesn't have the strength of the average kid. I've been told (but I don't know if it is accurate) that dyspraxic children tend to lack upper body strength so perhaps this has something to do with it. In any case, these tests establish a baseline. So there is nowhere to go but up. She'll get over it.

We're expecting Sid's best friend this weekend. And next weekend. And the weekend after, etc.. She likes to get out of the house, loves spending time with Sid, and her mother extends her this freedom so I don't see any reason to refuse her arrival. They'll have the nooks and crannies of the town all figured out before long.

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